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Norma Roth’s new book, Changing Landscapes Of Our Lives, is a soon-to-be-released, new collaboration between Roth and her lifelong friend, photographer, Evelyn Bernstein, combining Roth’s poetry with Bernstein’s images.  With an expected release date of summer 2013, this soulful collection is a long awaited read by followers of both Roth and Bernstein. 

Besides being a well known and respected author in the fields of poetry and aging, Norma is a lawyer and educator, writing and speaking on behalf of the exciting group of people known as the “Silver Generation,” which are blowing holes through conventional viewpoints and cultural stereotypes about aging.  The only limitations are the ones this group sets for itself, writes Norma, citing statistics and findings about health, longevity and the brain. 

Norma sees new meaning in the words of Tennyson’s for this new generation:

Come my friends…  It’s not too late to seek a newer world…

strong in will to strive, to seek to find and not to yield.

Norma has written several self reflexive, poetry books for the new, Silver Generation,” which are dedicated to the last phase of life. Her exploration on the theme of change is found in SCENES FROM A SUMMER HOUSE, FEAR, TREMBLING & RENEWAL and CHANGING LANDSCAPES OF OUR LIVES. However, each book delves into specific areas of change.  For instance, in Scenes From a Summer House, Norma contemplates time, space, beginnings and endings and embraces the unlimited.  Her poems in Fear, Trembling & Renewal rediscovers fresh insights and perspectives while her latest book, Changing Landscapes of Our Lives, embodies the concept of change in total.


Departing from poetry to prose, Norma boldly tackles the subject of aging in her book: AGING GRACEFULLY WITH DIGNITY, INTEGRITY & SPUNK INTACT.  Rather than approaching the subject from the trite, cosmetic anti-aging angle, Norma head-butts cultural stigmas, out dated information, thinking and behavior; giving them a wake-up shake to grab life and enjoy it!  Painting a vibrant view for Baby Boomers and beyond, Norma displays a vast array of untapped opportunities made possible by technology, medicine and science and invites readers to join her on an stimulating exploration of the 21st Century and into The Age of the Silver Generation.

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