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CHANGING LANDSCAPES OF OUR LIVES Available Now through Harvard Book Store!
A collaboration between friends!

Norma Roth and Evelyn Bernstein have published their collaboration – a book of Evelyn’s photography paired to Norma’s poems.  This long time friendship and artistic collaboration between Roth and Bernstein in their upcoming poetry-photo book combines provocative poems with alluring images that mirror the changing landscapes of our lives - creating a banquet for the eyes and evoking tones and moods in one’s heart, mind, and soul.


Available through Harvard Book Store.




Book Presentations and Poetry Readings are available 

     Aging Gracefully with Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact

     Journey Into a Dark Past, Land of My Ancestors: Budapest, Prague & Vienna

     Scenes From a Summer House: The House That Waited & Other Poems

     Fear, Trembling, & Renewal: Poems to Age With

     Changing Landscapes of Our Lives

​​Norma Roth is available for Book Presentations and Poetry Readings in Canada and throughout the New England States, including New York. 

To calendar a book presentation with Norma Roth, click here: 

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