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Will Baby Boomers catch Forgetful Phobia: Norma Roth fears the Paranoia of Mind Slippage is catching on

Tuesday, July 05, 2011--As the Baby Boomers move into their older years, an often asked question is will they use the same forgetfulness paranoia they ascribe to their own parents, relations and friends on themselves.

Very often the slightest hint of mental degradation causes many to jump to the most fatal conclusions, rather than looking at the basic understandings of moving along in years and rolling with the punches to shore up mental skills. Norma Roth, author of Aging Gracefully With Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact; Aging Defiantly, finds this question disconcerting because, she asserts, this Baby Boomer generation are rather selfish, pretty spoiled and quite often extremely narcissistic.

But then the question can be turned upside down because media, doctors and drug companies fuel this paranoia for profit. Medications are the lifeblood of many a medical practice and this type of forgetfulness paranoia provides a huge population to be targeted with new meds. So Roth asks these questions: Are they being hoodwinked? Are they buying into phony fears both in their social environment and extending into the work environment as well? Is fear of forgetting replacing old fear of flying and fear of failing?

This brings us beyond the medication and doctor management issue and into the practical steps to be taken to dismiss this paranoia and take action for own natural survival. Norma Roth has been promoting just such a strategy for years and it is laid out in her book in detail. At the beginning of 2011, the first of the baby-boomers generation...will reach the age of 65.

The 25th Anniversary Economist Special Edition, noting that "the most successful and luckiest generation will move into retirement." The question raised by an article The Slow Farewell wonders how "the baby boomer generation will take to being pensioners?

The generation of that decried not trusting anyone over 30 is now getting into a place in their lives when control slips away, at least to a certain degree. Recent research is suggesting a heightened fear of forgetting that is fast becoming the scourge of this most dynamic, envied, fast-paced, dynamic generation who, formerly, would not take "No" for an answer; who would not be hampered by old ways an customs; who snarled at traditions that might hold them back—and yet, they appear to be hitting a snag.

Roth suggests, Baby Boomers are buying into and allowing themselves to be panicked by an excessive concern of the dreaded diseases of Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia. Studies are beginning to share that this fear is leading to panic and anxiety both in economic situations as well as social ones. Losing It, Roth notes—a short hand for forgetting things—is often inaccurately and incorrectly associated with the beginning of an irreversible loss of mental faculties.

How sensible is that? asks Roth. In an era that promises longevity and health; in an Age of Biology that seeks to wipe out disease—including Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia — why panic?

Roth also notes that a relatively small percentage of people will develop these diseases and most not until after 65. She also notes that while certainly people with Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia do exhibit forgetting (general severe forgetting) that the normal changes of growing older, while exhibiting some "forgetting," are not the same thing and do not result in the "losing it," that is so feared. (Johns Hopkins Medicine has put out a number of Special Reports on memory that separate out normal "forgetting" relating to physiological factors that are not debilitating (and can be compensated for) from the feared Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia.

So, Roth asks again: Why the Anxiety? Why the Hysteria? Her answer: "hogwash" and nonsense!

In her book Aging Gracefully with Dignity, Integrity and Spunk Intact: Aging Defiantly, Roth explores a new age dawning as science, medicine and technology set the pace as rapidly as the baby boomers live it. Incredible things will be on store for the generation that thought it had it all: not only the possibility of the brain continuing to function over a lifetime, but the ability for continued learning as well. In other words, limitless horizons and opportunities will be available for those who dare to be trailblazers and path finder's.

Roth believes Baby Boomers, who are smart and savvy, will differentiate between Alzheimer's and senile dementia which are diseases and the natural changes that occur as one gets older; reminding Baby Boomers that with a little bit of thought, changing some simple routines, developing some new habits, they can quickly compensate for changes, and stop worrying about "forgetting" or "losing it" ! In her book, Aging Gracefully- Aging Defiantly, Roth gives multiple tips for easily compensating for some of the issues f growing older.

No new skills required, says Roth: just common sense and some thought. Not finding keys: leave then on table by door; forgetting a word: use another; leaving water boiling in the kitchen and forgetting about it: stay in the kitchen (bring a book, telephone, mail); forgetting why you came into a room in the home, or in the office: walk back to where you had the thought; responding to wise-cracks about "losing it": use one of the 22 methods that Cyrano uses (Cyranno de Bergerac: Act I) to ward off those who would insult, embarrass or put you down.

In other words, learn techniques to compensate: no new skills involved and get on with your life.

In summary, Ms. Roth urges Baby Boomers to ignore the exacerbated fears of forgetting as one gets older which are compensable) do not confuse them with diseases (Alzheimer's and Senile Dementia which is unlikely to hit a small percentage, those likely to be over 65). The author reminds Baby Boomers by the time most of them reach that stage, there will be much knowledge about minimizing the seriousness of those diseases; with a bit of luck, they will have a minimal effect on the lives of people -- so why worry about what is probably not going to affect you? Why not simple postpone the panic and anxiety and get on with your life.

Instead, the author of Aging Gracefully With Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact: Aging Defiantly, Ms. Roth urges Baby Boomers to concentrate instead on chapters in Aging Gracefully -Aging Defiantly on "Treasure Hunts" within the mind (exploring subjects you loved and have learned well and enrich you) as well as cultivating a computer like mechanism awaiting you that the author calls your "Personal Retrieval System" within the brain where you have and can continue to store large mass of data upon which you can later draw over your lifetime.

What more shining horizon could the years offer: the coalescence of a rapidly advanced science that promises a new bionic man and woman for the generation that will be in a position to push still further boundaries. That should be right up the ally of the Baby Boomer generation. After all, isn't that what Baby Boomers have always done—pushed the boundaries? Never before has there been a better opportunity to do this: this 21st Century belongs to the Baby Boomers unless they mess it up with false fears, says Roth.

Norma Roth debunks the myths and explores what you need to know about incredible potential ahead for the next and most important phase of life--growing older? Science, medicine & technology are showing an altered stage for those over 55 who may live to 100. Be a part of the dynamic new world.

Roth's upbeat, sassy message about living an exciting life with unlimited possibilities at any age will resonate with people over 55, and younger folks who care about them and will one day be them—This experienced radio guest will use a combination of humor and straight talk to tackle what it means to be aging in a society that obsesses over youth.

She will reveal:

• Brain Power Is In; Brain Drain Is Out! Use IT Or Lose IT!

• Learning to Access Your Hidden Brain Power (Personal Retrieval System) is not as hard as you Think

• Empowerment of the newly entered "Older" Generation: Treasure Hunts, Personal Retrieval Systems (PRS) & Intimidation Management

• The Bionic Age of Tomorrow Bionic Parts and Cell Regeneration: Effect of Body on Empowerment of Mind

• Ten Tips for Keeping People off Your Back: The Incredible Potential for The Silver Generations

Roth is available for speaking engagements, interviews and print and on-line articles.  For more information, visit the Contact page.

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