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Changing Landscapes of Our Lives

I read "Changing Landscapes of Our Lives" several times and it's a joy to take in; some of my favorite pieces are: Grey Pebble Beach, Last Frenzied Dance, The Rains Depart and Poet's Visit after the Rain. I also like the poems beholding snow. Norma's meditative, often affirmative, poems juxtapose so beautifully with Evelyn's amazing photographs of nature. Together they create these stunning portraits that feel like paintings or a double-images of great beauty and primal force. I like it both when the poems and photographs mirror each other and when they are slightly off, but parallel universes. It gives the book a nice element of chance, though it never seems random. Really, it's an award winning collaboration.

- Review by Lo Galluccio 

4th Poet Populist of Cambridge; 3 time Pushcart Prizes nominee in Poetry; Author of Sarasoto VII; Hot Rain, and Terrible Baubles; Read at The Somerville Arts Festival and at St. Mark's Marathon Day Reading in NYC    

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