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Taking readers on a journey using the first person narrative, Norma Roth’s Journey Into A Dark Past, Land of My Ancestors: Budapest, Vienna & Prague, unfolds personal journeys to the land of her parents where they spent their youth and where many of their family died from the onslaught of Hitler.  Protected from the sadness and devastation that was taking place in Europe, Roth takes two significant trips: one with her parents where the beauty of their lands and youth was focused while the other trip was taken decades later to explore the darker side of what Roth describes as “once civilized and cultured lands” that allowed their countries to descend into the depths of hell.

In Aging Gracefully With Dignity, Integrity & Spunk Intact: Aging Defiantly, Roth paints a larger landscape for the dynamic and robust, "Silver Generation," promised longevity and health to open endless opportunities for new dreams, new plans and uncharted paths yet to be explored.

As whole generations of highly skilled and creative individuals move far beyond their sixties, outmoded barriers and hurdles must be met head on to allow an era of unlimited possibilities.  


Roth has also published a number of poetry books from a personal perspective exploring the theme of aging.  Her book of poems, Scenes From a Summer Home, Roth sees time as unbridled, free and limitless while in Fear, Trembling & Renewal, she presents an optimistic viewpoint about aging one filled with vigor, hope and new possibilities waiting to be tapped.


Her latest release, Changing Landscapes of Our Lives, is a hot-off-the-press collaboration between Roth and friend, photographer Evelyn Bernstein and is available now through Harvard Book Store with an upcoming release through Amazon's Kindle publications.

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